Gene Gaudette is a guerrilla independent media producer and label owner with no corporate media ties to restrain him. He roams the untamed jungle where the music industry intersects with the internet, carrying a hot-rodded Macbook Pro, modded production software, a feisty enthusiasm, and a deep-seated belief that maverick creative powerhouses have a huge part to play in balancing the new release scene.

His over four decades of experience within the music industry as a video, recording, web, and interactive media producer, A&R director, product marketing strategist, artistic adviser, retail and record label manager, music journalist, composer, conductor, and arranger honed his intuition for ferreting out unique and unjustly neglected artists and music, and led him to launch Urlicht Rights Management (formerly Urlicht AudioVisual) in 2012.

While a lot of "major label" releases seem to be ticking bean counter boxes rather than trailblazing, Gene follows his gut in identifying compelling material to present in unprecedentedly enhanced sound using, including quite a few world premiere recordings.

He also has an unhealthy fascination with recordings that are more than 70 years old and serious music that is less than 20 years old. He is married with cats and lives somewhere on the East Coast.